About Us

We are a dynamic, new educational software company in Trinidad and Tobago. Our education software empowers students to learn on their own, with a teacher, as well as with parents.  We customize the content in the software to match the teacher’s curriculum scope and sequence.  Thus, teachers can incorporate the software into their daily lessons and assign homework using the software.  Parents can look into their student’s account to see academic progress and identify problem areas to work on.  Thus, parents can use the software to support learning, provide explanations and coaching. 

Our mission is to support learning in all subjects with leading-edge digital solutions, software, online products and eLearning platforms.  In order to accomplish this mission, our product line empowers independent student learning.  It also equips teachers to individualize their instruction thereby helping students to learn at their own pace in school and at home.  Students have the opportunity to access the software 24/7, e.g., with their parents/tutors at home in the evenings and on weekends.  For this reason, parents can also use this tool to support their students’ learning.

Recently, we secured a franchise from a well-established educational software company, EducoSoft.  Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, EducoSoft has been providing educational software solutions for elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges and individuals preparing for civil service exams (in India) for more than 30 years.  Apart from clients in the US and India, EducoSoft has had a presence in Jamaica for 8 years and in Puerto Rico for 16 years. 

For more information about EducoSoft, please go to www.educosoft.com

Our Vision

A World where every student has opportunities to attain Educational Excellence.

Our Mission

Empowering students to learn independently and equipping teachers to provide the highest quality individualized instruction.

our team

mr. sasha addo

Mr. Sasha Addo is the Managing Director of L&S Surveying Services Limited, one of the leading Surveying Companies in Trinidad and Tobago. His credentials include: EMBA, BSc, TTLS. When the University of the West Indies celebrated its 50-year anniversary, and honored the Top 50 graduates since the inception of the university, Sasha was one of the elite group of honorees who received the Distinguished Alumni award. This unique recognition makes him a very special person indeed!
Mr. Addo is best known for starting his business at the age of 24 and being seen as a leader in the surveying field before turning 40, earning the respect of employees, clients and competitors along the way! Sasha is an entrepreneur at heart, in addition to his Surveying company he has undertaken various business projects ranging from aqua culture development to property development. Currently he is a director of various companies involved in the security, food, education and health sectors.
When asked about his life perspective and world view, he said: “There is more good in the world than bad, so let’s focus on the good and make the world a happier place.”

dr. dennison bhola

Dr. Dennison Bhola is an Education Consultant with expertise in the areas of Assessment, Curriculum Development, Brain-compatible Instruction, Educational Research and Statistics.
Dr. Bhola completed his Ph.D. in the specialization of Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Education (QQME) with a 4.00/4.00 GPA. The QQME program was a sub-specialty within the Educational Psychology department and shared some courses, such as Cognition and Instruction, the Psychology of Learning and the Psychology of Reading with the Teachers’ College. Dennison took all of these courses.
Dr. Bhola has an exemplary track record as a researcher, educator and mentor in academic institutions and in business organizations. In the role of business leader, Dr. Bhola has served Assessment, Learning and Technology Solutions as President and CEO, The Gallup Organization as Global Director of the Selection Research Practice, and HUMANeX Ventures as Vice President and Senior Research Director.
As a university professor, he taught Research Methods, Statistics and Educational Measurement to Master’s and Doctoral students at the following institutions: The University of Nebraska- Lincoln, James Madison University (Virginia), NOVA Southeastern University (Florida), and Oasis Institute of Higher Learning (Trinidad and Tobago). His research is published in a range of scholarly journals and he has made numerous conference presentations.
Dennison has facilitated workshops for educators in the United States, India and Trinidad on topics such as how students’ brains learn, lesson planning, question writing, aligning questions with curriculum and instruction, scoring skill performances, using statistics to improve assessments, formative assessment and how to provide high-quality feedback to increase learning.
Dennison was born in Trinidad where he invested the first chapter of his professional career as a high school teacher of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at the Siparia Senior Comprehensive School, and later at Presentation College, San Fernando. He also served these communities doing volunteer work through his church, various sporting clubs, and as a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Jaycees.
In addition to his professional responsibilities, Dennison enjoys time with his wife Wendy, their four children and two grandchildren.