We provide software that supports learning in all subjects. Our software products empower students to learn independently and equip teachers to individualize instruction.

our vision

A World where every student has opportunities to attain Educational Excellence.

our mission

Empowering students to learn independently and equipping teachers to provide the highest quality individualized instruction.

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Our Services

Are you looking for significant improvements in your student’s Math Skills?
This proven software for SEA & CSEC Mathematics might be exactly what you need to help your student succeed! 

It provides:

  • Convenience: it can be used from home and in school
  • Unlimited practice questions with immediate feedback
  • Step-by-step explanations, animations and dynamic graphics
  • 24/7 access to all learning resources

Teachers love the lesson plans, activities, homework, automated grading and assessments that support learning! Take the teacher everywhere with you!

primary school

Online math instruction package for primary school students preparing for the SEA. Instruction covers curriculum for Standards 1 thru 5.

secondary school

Online math instruction package for secondary students preparing for the CSEC. Instruction covers curriculum for Forms 1 thru 5.